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Alcohol Free Office Bars

Boardroom Bars provides non-alcoholic beers, cider, wine, and champagne for your office, boardroom, and corporate event. Our range of non-alcoholic products and services make the perfect addition to every office and boardroom. Now with Covid-19 we are offering a remote drinks delivery service which will give your ooffice or client a perfect selection of enjoyable drinks.

With Boardroom Bars, your staff and clients can enjoy a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink to celebrate a contract signing, signal the end of a successful meeting, or socialise at an office party. We provide fully stocked fridge rentals, a mobile bar, and drinks hampers all stocked with 100% alcohol free drinks. Our non-alcoholic beers, ciders, wines, and cocktails taste just as good as their alcoholic counterparts and give everyone the opportunity to partake in the celebration. Based in Navan, we supply our range of non-alcoholic options to clients in Dublin, Meath, Leinster and throughout Ireland. 

At Boardroom Bars, we have a large selection of non-alcoholic drinks from the world’s leading brands, which includes:

  • Heineken Zero

  • Pure Brew

  • Krombacher

  • Bulmers

  • Becks Blue

  • Ceder’s Gin

  • Nosecco

  • Corporate Brew

  • Budweiser

  • Freixenet Wine

  • And More

Interested in an Alcohol Free Office?

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Boardroom Bars

Boardroom Bars provides business with permanent under-counter fridges for their offices and boardrooms.

Our fridge rentals are fully stocked with a selection of non-alcoholic drinks such as beers, ciders, wines, and bubbly. With a large range of alcohol-free drinks now on the market, there is an option to suit all tastes. With Boardroom Bars, your clients and guests can enjoy a non-alcoholic version of their favourite drink during a meeting, to celebrate a new contract, or even just to ring in the weekend.

Boardroom Bars fridges can be restocked on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your needs. Prices start from just €100 per month which includes a complimentary restock of a mixed variety of 24 bottles each month.

Mobile Bar

Boardroom Bars provides an alcohol free mobile bar for all your non-alcoholic business event needs.

Our fully functioning pop up bar comes fully stocked with a large selection of non-alcoholic wines, spirits, beers, and more. Our experienced bartenders and professional waiting staff will be on hand the entire event to ensure the smooth running of the bar. Boardroom Bars's Mobile Bar is ideal for all corporate events, product launches, and office parties. Your guests can enjoy an alcohol free version of their favourite tipple while socialising with colleagues.

Guaranteed to make the right impression, our non-alcoholic mobile bar can travel to any event space and will be fully stocked and equipped to serve alcohol-free drinks for the entire night. Prices start from just €595.


With Covid-19 the perfect Office Christmas Party venue is your very own office. All the fun without the worry of any drunken episodes.

Boardroom Box

Boardroom Bars provides boardroom boxes to businesses and offices who want an alcohol-free option.

The boardroom box is perfect for those offices who already have a fridge in your boardroom or office but would still like to give the enjoyment our drinks bring, or if you just want a once off delivery of drinks. With the boardroom box you get the same service and products as the boardroom bar – just without the under-counter fridge. You will get a mixture of drinks including non-alcoholic beers, wine, cider, gin, and more.


Boardroom Bars's boardroom box can be used to refill your under-counter fridge with non-alcohic options. The boardroom box is also available as a once-off purchase. Prices start from just €60. 

Drinks Hamper

At Boardroom Bars, we create custom drinks hampers filled with only the best non-alcohol drinks on the market.

Our gift hampers vary in size and can be created to your own requests. For example, you can customise the hamper so that it features a variety of alcohol free beers, wines, proseccos, ciders, etc. Or you can include only the drink or brand that you know the recipient likes. Boardroom Bars's non-alcoholic drinks hampers are perfect for any occasion and make for great raffle prizes or a lovely and thoughtful gift.

Our alcohol-free drinks hampers come with a large variety of drink options from the worlds' leading manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages. Available in a range of different sizes, prices start from just €30.

For More Information and Pricing Details

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Boardroom Bars

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Non Alcoholic Hamper Options
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